Looking for a bulk message app for whatsapp?

We turn your whatsapp into a sales machine.

Reach more leads with our whatsapp trigger and convert more sales.

Scale your sales, convert more customers.

With our extension you will be able to reach 100% of all your leads and scale your business to a new level.

  • Unlimited messaging
  • Tagged customer messages
  • Bulk spreadsheet messaging

After payment you will receive our email with the link for the google chrome extension and also the activation code.

Monthly plan

  • Manually Sending
  • Bulk Sending
  • Label Sending

Semiannual plan

  • Manually Sending
  • Bulk Sending
  • Label Sending

Yearly plan

  • Manually Sending
  • Bulk Sending
  • Label Sending

Ask here your frequently asked questions about our services.

Is it necessary to install something on the computer?

Yes. You will receive a link with the address of our google chrome extension to install. It's simple just click on the link you will receive by email and click on the install button.

Do you have a message trigger limit?

No. There are no limits for sending broadcast messages. Message firing is unlimited using our extension.

Can I send to more than one whatsapp number?

Yes. Using anonymous browser tab it is possible to send messages using more than 1 whatsapp number at the same time.

How does the payment work?

Payment is made monthly, semi-annually or annually with a card using a payment gateway (Stripe).

How does cancellation work?

The cancellation can be done at any time just go to the administrative panel or send an email to suporte@robodaconversao.com.br requesting the cancellation.